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Saddleback College Uses Easy-Run as an Educational Tool

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Saddleback College, in Mission Viejo, has an excellent automotive technology program, and uses the Easy-Run Engine Test Stand as an educational tool. Here is what the instructors had to say:

Hey guys,

We wanted to let you know that after 3 years of classroom use, the Easy-Run has performed better than expected.

We purchased 2 of the Professional Series and let me tell you – the benefit for the instructors and the students has been amazing. The students gather around each unit with enthusiasm and a true desire to learn. We, as the instructors have so much confidence that we can teach and demonstrate the basics of fuel injection and then have fun with our students as we bug the engines for mechanical, electrical and fuel inject problems.

We have contest and the students thrive on the challenge to see who can resolve the issues the fastest using all the knowledge we have taught in the class room and our hands on format. I am surprised that all training centers do not have the Easy-Run.

We want to thank you guys for an outstanding piece of equipment. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone in the automotive world and especially any instructor that has the desire to help our young automotive technicians.

All the instructors at Saddleback Automotive
California’s finest Automotive College